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Dear Barbell Enthusiast,
Let me ask you something…

When it comes to your weightlifting and barbell movements…are you hitting at least 80% of them day in and day out? 

When you step up to that barbell to attempt a PR…do you know you are going to hit it or did you already miss the lift in your head? 

When you are training your lifts…do you constantly see progress or do you find yourself hitting plateaus

You see…weightlifting is such a mental game as well as a physical one
If you aren’t confident in your skills and technique as a lifter…you will miss lifts more often than you make them. 

And when you are missing lifts…it is hard to shoot for a PR when you head isn’t in it right? 

As a USA-W Sports Performance coach and owner of CrossFit Reach…I know first hand what it’s like to see athletes who are struggling in their barbell lifts. 

It plain sucks. 

After seeing athletes struggling…I decided to do something about it. 

More often than not, when athletes struggle to be more consistent and confident in their lifts…it comes down to the fact that they are not following a specific training program. 

In other words…they are just winging their workouts and hoping to get results!

And of course we both know…when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 
Thats when I got to work and put together a complete weightlifting program that had one goal in mind…
…to make every athlete who used the program a better, more powerful and consistent lifter.

I also wanted this program to be supplemental…meaning that it could be used in combination with other programming such as a daily WOD. 

After several months of planning and programming, I introduced this program to my athletes here at my gym. 

And when I did that…the results were amazing!

The athletes that were in my newly formed barbell club were seeing 5,10 even 20 pound PR’s after just a few weeks of following the program.

These numbers weren’t just coming from beginner lifter…even athletes who were lifting for a long time were seeing a huge jump in their totals. 

And once I saw the success of my own athletes at my gym…I knew I was onto something. 
But the problem was…how do I help people from all over the world who want to become better with the barbell? 

It seems like each and every week I receive more and more requests from athletes who want to improve in their weightlifting.

They are hungry to improve in their lifts but lack the guidance to do so.

And to be honest...I'm really not surprised. 

You see...
Most athletes I've talked to have tried other programs in the past but they didn't stick with them because they were…
Too hard or too complicated to follow
Interfered with their current training 
Caused them to overtrain or get hurt
Get discouraged from lack of results
Too much volume &  geared to the advanced 
I’ve seen this happen to many times to athletes and that just should not happen!

Thats why I decided to do something about it.
I began racking my brain trying to figure out a way to help thousands of people just like you and do it in a similar atmosphere like the barbell club at my gym. 

After thinking it over and driven by the hundreds of requests from lifters from all over the world…

I finally have a solution for you. 
Welcome To The Daily Barbell
The Daily Barbell is by far the best weightlifting program on the market as it is designed to be simple, easy to follow…yet get you results. 

With The Daily Barbell, each and every week you get a brand new program that will teach you how to become a more consistent and confident lifter. 

You’ll get your form down to a science with this program so all you have to do is focus on lifting. 

You won’t have to worry about stopping your current training as these workouts are meant as a supplement to your current training.

On top of that...
You won’t have to worry about injury or overtraining as these workouts sessions are simple but effective.

And most importantly, you’ll be able to focus on setting new PR’s because the workouts and the blueprint has been laid out for you. 
When you become a member of The Daily Barbell…you can expect many awesome things...
Weekly Programming
Each and every month you’ll be given complete access to a new week of workouts

Every workout has it’s own goal and personality. Some months will consist of percentage work while some will focus on positions. 

One thing is for sure…you’ll never get bored or tired of lifting. 
Complete Coaching
Along with the programming…

Each  day and month you’ll receive our Daily Barbell coaching where I’ll break down what the goals are for the month, what you should be shooting for as well as instructional videos of the movements involved. 

Private Facebook Group
To get that barbell club feel, I’m included a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to interact with myself, my coaches and the other members of The Daily Barbell program. 

Here you can post your videos, ask questions and of course brag about your PR’s.

Bonus Content
In addition to everything else…

You’ll also get bonus content such as more training videos, equipment reviews as well as some other great stuff that will help you in your lifting. 

The Daily Barbell is a one of a kind training program because it caters to all level of athletesfrom those who are just starting out in their weightlifting, to elite level athletes who are looking to compete. 
I just thought I'd drop you a line and tell you how much I'm enjoying your program. 

I'm 4 weeks into it, and really look forward to the days that I use this program. As you know, I bought the program to get more olympic lifting practice at home. 

My snatching has definitely improved and, I've seen a 10lb PR in my power clean and front squat! The videos describing movements are very helpful. 

Overall, I'm finding it a perfect compliment to my regular CrossFit workouts.

Thanks again! 

"I have to say that I have NEVER seen gains like this before! 

I am a bit new at CrossFit (1 1/2 years), but my clean and jerk has gone up by 30 lbs (thanks to you, and a 20 pound increase on my squat snatch!

That program changed everything and it has trickled down from there. I just PR'd my Fran Time today by 1:57 from 7:14 to a surprising 5:17 this morning! I am so pumped about what this has done for me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you... I am forever grateful for what you send and the work you put in!

Blessings and High Fives,
Bottom line…this program will make you a better lifter
Now if you were to train with my here in my gym with the same type of barbell programming it would cost you about $200 a month…which to be honest is still a great deal considering how much more confident and consistent athletes become in their lifts. 

But here’s the thing…I REALLY want to help as many people become better lifters as possible. 

In fact, it’s my mission to help 10,000 athletes this year become the best lifter they can be. 

I know that The Daily Barbell will help me accomplish that goal while helping you accomplish your own weightlifting goals. 

I want to help as many people as I can and I really want you to be one of my success stories…you can get full access to The Daily Barbell membership for a fraction of $200. 

In fact…you’ll get full access to everything from the programming, to the videos to the private Facebook group for 30 Days For Only $10. After 30 days if you do decide to stick around (I mean why wouldn't you right?), it's only $37/month with no long term contract. 

That’s right…only $37 to get world class training and programming delivered right to you each and every month. 

Not a bad deal :)
Get Complete Access To The Daily Barbell
Try It For 30 Days For Only $10
*$37/Month After 30 Days..Cancel Anytime
On top of that…I’m so confident you’ll be a better lifter when you follow this programming that I also back up this program with a complete 30 day money back guarantee. 

That’s right…if you aren’t happy after the first 30 days..shoot me a message and I’ll refund you 100%. 

Just think about how awesome it will be to have a complete training program sent to you each day and month so that you don’t have to think about what to do…you just have to work hard and keep progressing as a lifter. 

Every workout is laid out for you so you won’t have to worry about doing the wrong thing or over training. 

You can ask for help from me anytime you have a question about technique, form…anything. 

And you can share your success with your fellow Daily Barbellers in the private Facebook group. 

I’ve already helped many athletes just like you improve their weightlifting and I want to do the same thing for you! 
If you are serious about wanted to take your weightlifting and barbell movements to the next level, then I strongly encourage you to take action and get started on The Barbell Daily TODAY. 

I can tell you from experience that in just a few weeks from now you'll be miles ahead in your form and consistency as a lifter. 

Remember with The Daily Barbell...you get a complete blueprint that you can follow each and every day and all you have to do is show up and work hard. 

That is the beauty of this program and I know you'll see a huge difference in your consistency and confidence. 

So take action, click the button below and let me help you become a consistent and confident lifter. 

I’ll see you on the other side. 

Get Complete Access To The Daily Barbell
Try It For 30 Days For Only $10
What do I  get with The Daily Barbell?
With The Daily Barbell, you'll get complete access to daily barbell workouts delivered right to your inbox. In addition to the workouts, you'll get full training videos, access to the private Facebook group AND some great bonus content as well...for only $1.23/day.
Is there a contract?
Absolutely not! After 30 days you'll pay just $37 a month and as always with The Daily Barbell, you can cancel at any time. 

However...I can tell you that cancellations are far and in between with our athletes...which when you get the results that our athletes see...why would you want to stop? 
Who is Robby Blanchard?
I've been the Owner of CrossFit Reach for nearly 6 years along with being a USAW-Level One coach. In addition to training athletes at his gym, Robby is also the coach to thousands of athletes and CrossFitters from all over the world from Australia, to Egypt, to Brazil.